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Our Miami plant is located within 5 miles of Miami International Airport, giving us easy access to the 40 to 120 thousand pounds of fresh fish we fly in daily from our plants. Our 85 thousand square foot facility is less than 10 miles from the Port of Miami where sea containers of frozen product from our plants can be unloaded for storage in our 35 thousand square foot freezer.

Employing in excess of 65 associates, our Miami facility not only QC’s and re-ices whole fish for further transport, but also has the ability to fillet, loin and steak up to 20 thousand pounds of finished product per day in our state of the art temperature controlled processing facilities for daily delivery to major North American markets. An experienced and dedicated sales and logistic force ensures that orders placed by our valued customers and on time delivery are given the highest priority.

Miami also serves as the administrative hub for the Alfa Gamma Group, supplying our onshore and offshore facilities with executive and administrative support as needed.